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About Fun For Kidz Magazines

Hopscotch Magazine

Hopscotch for Girls began publishing in 1989. It was created by an elementary school librarian, Jane Evans, who was unable to find a wholesome magazine for her students. She wanted a magazine designed for elementary-age girls with no teen material as well as no advertising.

Hopscotch was purchased by a small, family-owned publishing company in northwest Ohio, in 1991. The company, The Bluffton News Publishing and Printing Company also publishes two weekly newspapers, The Bluffton News and The North Baltimore News. The Bluffton News has been in existence since 1875 and has been owned by the current owners, the Edwards family, for over 50 years.

Hopscotch magazine is prepared, printed, and mailed from one location in Bluffton, Ohio. Family members include the publisher, Tom Edwards, his wife, Marilyn Edwards, the editor, Virginia Edwards, Tom’s mother and associate editor, and the Edwards’ son, Jonathan Edwards, website creator.

Hopscotch is a family effort in supplying wholesome, reading material for all young girls. Its readership includes children as young as three or four, whose parents read the stories and do the activities with them, to girls up to age 14 years. Although the target reading level is geared for ages 8 to 10, many older girls enjoy reading the content which does not include material about boyfriends, makeup, fashion, fads, or anything that would encourage girls to grow up too fast.

Hopscotch was created to challenge young girls…challenge them to enjoy and make the utmost of those few and precious years of childhood.

Boys' Quest Magazine

Boys' Quest was designed to inspire boys to develop an interest in reading at an early age. The importance of reading for enjoyment as well as education has been largely ignored in educational journalism, especially periodicals.

Since 1995, Boys' Quest has been filling that void through its entertaining, but more importantly, enlightening exploratory, investigative, and problem solving pages. Reading comprehension for boys of elementary age is developed by following instructions, completing projects, answering questions, and solving problems.

Fun For Kidz Magazine

Fun for Kidz first began publication in January of 2002. It was the answer for children receiving Hopscotch or Boys' Quest and needing something on the months when they were not receiving a magazine. Unlike Hopscotch and Boys' Quest, Fun For Kidz is designed for both boys and girls. The idea is for brothers and sisters to share the magazine.

Fun For Kidz is an activity magazine that maintains the same wholesome values as the other publications. Each issue is also created around a theme. There is nothing in the magazine to make it out dated. Fun For Kidz offers creative activities for children with extra time on their hands. Girls are given a chance to work on a building project. Boys are allowed to make something artistically pleasing. The entire family can enjoy the various activities and "things to do."

Boys' Quest, Hopscotch for Girls, and Fun For Kidz maintains traditional values. The magazines promote sensitivity in the child's relationship to animals, their peers, and the adult world. Philosophically, the material in these magazines emphasizes wholesome, innocent, childhood interests. The objective is to cultivate and develop these interests and values, not to skip over them, or their importance to young adulthood. Well-rounded sensitive girls and boys with down-to-earth wholesome principles and interests can much more easily handle pressures brought on by the changes of adolescence.

Like Hopscotch for Girls, Boys' Quest, and Fun For Kidz are prepared, printed, and mailed from Bluffton, Ohio by the Bluffton News Publishing and Printing Company, a small family-owned business in northwest Ohio.