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Animal Training

Animal Training
Vol. 18 Issue 06

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Quick Overview

Pet dogs and cats aren't the only animals that can be trained. Did you know that cockroaches, porcupines, horses, sea lions and many other animals have been taught to do amazing things?

Product Description

  • What's gray, weighs 30,000 pounds, and plays music? It's the Thai Elephant Orchestra! These powerful pachyderms make some pretty sweet music when they play their instruments together!
  • Have a ball reading 10 Tricky Facts About Animal Training! Astound your friends with what you know!
  • Did you know that even butterflies can be trained? Find out how a butterfly garden taught butterflies to fly on cue!
  • The Free Rein Center in North Carolina trains horses to work with special needs kids. The horses receive very special training, but they make it through like champs!
  • How do zoo trainers get their animals to do what they want? Here are the tips used to teach Spike the porcupine to perform.
  • Want to make a bird eat bird seed from your hand? You can do it! Our Science page shows you how!
  • What? Elephants painting? Discover how some lucky elephants were taught to paint and see their masterpieces!
  • The life of a working border collie is filled with, well, work. But the dogs love it! You'll learn why in It's a Dog's Life.
  • Some people think pet cats can't be trained. They can! Step-by-step, you can teach your cat to do tricks!
  • ALL THIS PLUS The Art of Falconry, Zak Attack!, and Beavers in the House. Also, Max & Gracie, riddles & jokes, lots of great puzzles, and so much more!
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