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Vol. 18 Issue 02

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Quick Overview

Do you love DOGS? They make great pets, but they can be so much more. In this issue. you'll find out what makes dogs so special. They really do deserve the title Man's Best Friend!

Product Description

  • Fun For Kidz Readers and Their Dogs! Check out the great photos kids sent in!
  • Dogs explore the world nose-first! Learn why a dog's sense of smell may be up to 1 million times better than yours.
  • Matt has a decision to make. Go off with his friends or take his dog, Bob, home first. Wrong decision, Matt! Now Bob is missing! Luckily, cartoon stories have a happy ending.
  • Many dogs live in animal shelters until people rescue them. Here's the story of two of these dogs. Now they live with families who love them. And one of these dogs is now a police dog!
  • Ready to laugh and learn? You'll have a blast with 10 Dog-Gone Facts!
  • Cassie no longer has her dog, Ginger. Boots no longer has his owner, Mrs. Westmere. The girl and the dog are perfect for each other, but will they ever be happy with one another?
  • Meet some very caring dogs that help kids with special needs. You'll be amazed at the things these pups learn to do!
  • Want to learn how to draw a dog? It's super easy when you use simple shapes and follow these instructions!
  • Why do Dalmatians and fire stations go together? Would you believe it all goes back to stagecoach days?
  • Bet you didn't know DOG is a magic science word! All you need for this fun experiment is paper, a pencil, and a mirror.
  • ALL THIS PLUS the adventures of Max & Gracie; a story about brave dogs in Alaska; Moses, the dog who finds a forever home; lots of puzzles and dog funnies; and more!
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