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Vol. 19 Issue 04

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Quick Overview

If you're crazy about horses, you're not alone. These wonderful animals are loved the world over. Whether you just like watching, petting, or reading about horses, this issue will make you want to visit a horse!

Product Description

  • Do horses talk? They sure do. They just use their ears and tails to let you know what's on their minds. You can learn some horse language in this issue!
  • Gallop on over to 10 Magnificent Facts About Horses, and you'll be an equine expert in no time. And the cartoons are awesome!
  • Do you want to know how to balance a horse on your finger? It's a cardboard horse, but this issue's science experiment is still special!
  • Our favorite dog buddies, Cowboy Clark & Larry, are searching for the new horse in their neighborhood. But sneaky Mrs. Whiskers has a surprise in store for them!
  • From horses with curly hair to horses with crazy ears, you'll meet some unusual equines in 7 Sensational Horse Breeds!
  • Snickel Fritz is a real, live horse that's very small. In fact, he's a miniature horse. Find out all him and see some great photos!
  • If you've ever seen a rhinoceros or a tapir in a zoo, you've seen a horse's relatives. Wild! Don't you want to find out more?
  • Wild ponies live freely on an island off the eastern coast of the US. Discover how these horses have made this island their home. It's quite a story!
  • ALL THIS PLUS a horse drawing lesson, how NOT to buy a horse, fun horse riddles & rhymes, Kids Corner, fantastic photos and illustrations, and much more!
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