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Nifty Numbers

Nifty Numbers
Vol. 18 Issue 03

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Quick Overview

Who needs numbers? We all do! You use numbers to count the freckles on your face, to count the squares you move when playing a board game, and to do math in school. This issue will show you just how nifty numbers are!

Product Description

  • Ready for number facts? You'll find lots of them here. Get ready to be astounded!
  • Is the number 13 really unlucky? Find out why the US doesn't think so.
  • There are so many cool number tricks you can learn to do. Follow the step-by-step directions, then try them out on your family and friends!
  • It's not as easy to count groups of large animals as you might think. So how do biologists count smaller animals, like flocks of flying birds or schools of fish? And why would you need math to move a giraffe from one place to another?
  • Max and his dad are checking in to the Infinity Inn. You'll laugh as Max tries to figure out how there's always room for one more guest in this story!
  • Use the numbers on a penny to do a "hot" magic trick!
  • Did you know you can draw people using only numbers? Copy our examples, then make up some crazy characters of your own!
  • Jimmy wants to show Colleen a numbers game. Colleen's not so sure math can be fun. Find out what happens next in the great story, "It's a Numbers Game"!
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