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Vol. 18 Issue 01

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Quick Overview

It's time for an issue all about Time! We didn't always have clocks and calendars to keep track of our minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years. Discover some of the wacky ways people measured time long ago. And find out why time is still important to us today!

Product Description

  • Ready to witness some world-changing events? You'll be right in the middle of the cartoon action as you read Field Trip Through Time!
  • What difference can three minutes make? You'll want to check your clock after seeing what Phoebe has to go through.
  • Did you know that clocks didn't go tick-tock in America until 1753? That's when young Benjamin Banneker built the first clock completely made in this country. Can you guess what it was made of?
  • Chores - ugh! If you dislike helping out around the house, you might change your mind after discovering what kids had to do to help their families 500 years ago!
  • Fill your brain with Timekeeping Trivia and 10 Quick Facts About Time, then amaze your friends with what you know.
  • Want to make your very own sun-powered pocket watch? Page 19 tells you what to do!
  • What? Time Travel really is possible? It is! Hop on board and find out how!
  • Long-ago people told time with hourglasses and sundials. You can make your own cool sundial by following some easy instructions.
    ALL THIS PLUS The Night Calendar; early alarm clocks; funny poems, jokes, and riddles; Find the Time with Thomas Jefferson; Max & Gracie; Kids Corner; puzzles; and MORE!
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