Customer Reviews

“As a retired educator, this was a must subscription at the elementary school where I worked. It was my go-to suggestion for hesitant readers.” Janet Meagher 

"I want you to know how special Fun for Kidz is for my grandson. Every two months when it arrives in the mailbox, he is excited about the terrific articles that follow a theme. We both enjoy the puzzles and games. Because my grandson lives far from me, I ordered a subscription for each of us. Then I can share the excitement of each issue with him when we Skype or Zoom. This has been a terrific gift for him and me!" Jenny Pillarowski, Grandmother

"I like Fun For Kidz because it is both fun and educational, with no pages wasted on pop culture topics or advertisements. The format and variety in each issue, is sure to keep young readers interested. A subscription is a gift that brings excitement every time it appears in the mailbox." Susan Richardson, B.S.Ed

“Educational, entertaining and what’s best? Ad free. Fun For Kidz magazine checks off all the necessary boxes for readers interested in the world around them.” Lisa Rehfuss 

“I have been a fan of the Fun For Kidz family of magazines since their early days. Fun For Kidz is an exceptional publication, both entertaining and educational, and always filled with an exciting variety of material.” Neal Levin – teacher and published author and artist

“Fun For Kidz is a terrific magazine for both boys and girls. Each issue is focused on a theme and is filled with interesting information, fun activities and challenging puzzles. It’s a great way for kids to learn science and history. I highly recommend it.” Evelyn B. Christiansen, EdD 

“Fun For Kidz has always been kid-friendly and fun! We enjoy it.” Shelia Wood Foard, Mother, Grandmother, and Children’s Writer

“I have always valued Fun for Kidz as a high quality publication that could supplement any school curriculum.” Alan Garbers

“I am excited about this subscription for my granddaughter. It looks like it will be spot on, appropriate for my second grade Matilda. I have another grandchild, a different family, who has a birthday in three months, and I intend to order another subscription for him.”  Beth Wesley, Grandmother