8 Ways to Make a Family Trip Memorable this Summer

There, perhaps, is no better way to bond with your family and create memories than to plan a family adventure! You get to visit new places, meet new people, and spend quality time with your loved ones - sounds like a perfect recipe for an unforgettable trip!

If your family is planning a vacation this year, or even just a weekend road trip or one-day adventure, we’ve got 8 tips that will make it a stress-free, fun, and memorable time. 


You know that the most important thing to pack for a family vacation is patience. Traveling can be stressful, and what you're packing could make all of your worries go away, or worse - not have enough space in your suitcase.

Packing essentials-only will help keep the chaos to a minimum, so it's best to pack one outfit per day. If this sounds like too much trouble, try layering clothes (a t-shirt beneath a button-up shirt) rather than bringing more items!


Traveling can be a lot easier for kids if they have some things to keep them occupied during the trip. Make an activity pack with items such as coloring pencils and books, card games, board games, hand-held electronic games, or puzzles that are age-appropriate so your family will enjoy their time on the plane and in the car ride more!


Child using a camera on a family vacation.

Allow children to take photographs of their travels and adventures. Consider getting an inexpensive camera or a pre-owned smartphone with a camera. Most kids LOVE taking pictures. If you’re able to, have them take videos, even in the car. Some of the funniest storytelling and laughing comes while en route to your destination!

Kids will love having a tangible item that they can look back on years down the line, as well as providing your family with an exciting keepsake that could be put into a scrapbook after returning from your trip together.


The key to a successful trip is having the right attitude and staying positive when unexpected occurrences happen. Kids will learn important life lessons from watching mom and dad on this adventure that will last years beyond your vacation!

If you come across an unexpected detour, don’t fret! Perhaps there’s a cool eatery or a fun attraction on this new route you’re on. It could end up being a memorable part of your trip!


Be realistic about what you can see and do when traveling so that everyone has time for fun together - not just the adults! Make sure to plan breaks along the way in case someone needs it more than others.

Planning your itinerary should include some special moments as well, like stopping at local landmarks or attractions, taking pictures of memorable events, and making up silly games on long car rides.


Kids love earning money with quick and easy chores and, naturally, that money will be burning a hold in their pocket. Encourage them to save up before you go, and allow them the freedom to browse markets or shops without a tight budget. They could start collecting postcards, fridge magnets, or souvenirs from all over; everything they do is an adventure!

What a great way to head back into the school year in the Fall with something to showcase the fun stories they will relay in the class of their awesome family trip.


Family looking through a telescope on a family vacation.

School is out and you're finally free from a schedule, so take this opportunity to throw caution to the wind. Pull over at a quirky roadside attraction on your way home for a family surfing lesson, or stop by that weird restaurant down the street with all those foreign dishes instead of sitting in front of Netflix tonight. Trying new things will make you feel energized and create memories worth remembering!

Always be on the lookout for a new adventure. Break away from the routine this year and try something new! You'll be surprised at how much fun you can have by just going out of your comfort zone for once. Who knows? Maybe it will become one of those memories that are really interesting to look back on in years to come.


You can take your kiddos on a trip around the world, but their favorite part of the day is guaranteed to be ice cream. Not incredible views or swimming with colorful sea creatures - they only want one thing: TREATS! Keep an eye out for a local ice cream parlor or a dessert cart on your journey. Trust us. They’ll remember it! 

No matter where you go, or how far you go, there’s always an opportunity for memory making and family fun!

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