All Fun and No Pressure

Pick up an issue of Fun For Kidz magazine, and you'll be giving your child exactly what our magazine's name implies. Fun. Made specifically for kids.

Throughout its last 20 years, Fun For Kidz has provided safe, yet fun, content written specifically for young developing minds. Each new issue is published with a special theme kids can enjoy, and our articles strive to keep kids both excited and engaged. From simple brain teasers to more complex stories, our goal is to make every new page feel like yet another adventure.

Building Parent-Child Bonds

Each Fun For Kidz activity and article encourages your child to engage with new ideas, and they give parents plenty of chances to join in the fun. Many lessons in the magazine are hands-on activities, and both parent and child can work together through art lessons, safe do-it-at-home science experiments, and puzzles made for kids. With every new issue, parents have the control to guide their children on what they learn and how they learn it.

Giovanni Lamb - Young Fun for Kidz Magazine reader

Do-It-Yourself Science Experiments

Science can be fun, too, if it’s presented in the way that a child can understand. Each magazine’s science section breaks down a cool science experiment for kids that you and your child can complete together with items typically found around the home. Afterward, parents can help explain the science behind the experiment, and some have even embraced our science section as a great homeschool educator’s resource.

Expanding Vocabularies

Our articles are continually requested by state and international educational agencies for use in reading assessment tests. Internationally, Fun For Kidz also works directly with Oxford University Press to provide material used in its industry-trusted English proficiency tests. We appreciate the recognition that our content receives as it is included in reading assessment tests throughout the world. 

“From the first introduction to the good people at Fun For Kidz, my family’s experience could not be better! The staff has always been courteous, helpful, and goes the extra mile to ensure that we receive answers to our questions. Within a single issue, there will be a combination of stories, poetry, cartoons, and puzzles to build an understanding of each theme. Our daughter loves the variety of engaging activities. We feel that the content is so timeless and beneficial, we purchased extra back issues for gifts!"  – John Reeb, father
"Because my grandson lives in another town, I ordered a subscription for each of us. Then I can share the excitement of each issue with him when we Skype or Zoom. This has been a terrific gift for him and me!" – Jenny Pillarowski, grandmother
“My grandson Gio loves Fun For Kidz magazine! He obsesses over every issue and looks at them repeatedly. They have become his prized possessions.” –Sylvia Morman, grandmother

Fun for Kids and Good for Kids

The advancement of reading skills—as well as the cultivation of a purposeful, positive attitude— are critical components for childhood development. Fun For Kidz aims to help children grow up well by presenting the finest material written today specifically for 6- to 12-year-old boys and girls. Our work grabs their attention immediately with bright and colorful photography and illustrations, and the various themed issues filled with enlightening, exploratory, investigative, and problem-solving pages are kept, read again and again, and then handed down to younger family members.

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