We want Fun For Kidz readers to become their best selves.

Every magazine issue of Fun For Kidz is written and developed to keep the most reluctant readers engaged and exploring. As children turn every ad-free page and experience each hands-on activity, Fun For Kidz encourages positive growth through its educational yet fun content written specifically for 6- to 12-year-olds. From DIY science experiments to kids comics, once they begin reading our bi-monthly kids magazine, their fascination keeps them learning.

Tom and Marilyn Edwards, Fun for Kidz Magazine

Born in the Midwest

The concept of an educational kids magazine may seem a little traditional, but that’s just how we like it in Northwest Ohio.

Where we come from, the pace is a little slower. Neighbors look after each other, and children can grow up emotionally, mentally and physically without unnecessary pressures. It gives kids some time to figure things out in a safe environment.

It’s our goal to bring similar tried-and-true growing opportunities to your kids with our Fun For Kidz magazine. The engaging educational content lets kids absorb material at the pace they want, and parents and teachers can follow along (and prod when necessary). Every story teaches a wholesome lesson.

We know our kids love it. We hope you do, too.

– Tom and Marilyn Edwards, Fun For Kidz Magazine

About the Edwards Family

Fun For Kidz is owned by the Edwards family, who have operated the Bluffton News Publishing and Printing Company since 1952. The latest owners, Tom and his wife Marilyn, took over in 1971, and they continue to run the family business today.

As for the history behind the kids magazine, Fun For Kidz first arrived on the scene by the early 90s when Tom and Marilyn began publishing material to help parents and educators. Initially, the two got started with the girls magazine, Hopscotch for Girls, after Tom and Marilyn bought the product idea from a school teacher. Two additional kids magazines—Boys’ Quest and Fun For Kidz—were developed soon after and, for nearly 22 years, the company created, printed, and mailed the three kids magazines out as complementary educational resources.

Over the years, Fun For Kidz received plenty of attention for its dedication to high-quality kids materials. Both families and educators appreciated the value-driven articles and hands-on activities written to help childhood development, and national reviewers found the small magazine to be a great addition to the kids magazine market due to its unique focus on childhood interests.

“An excellent publication - a small magazine that offers a dose of sanity for parents disturbed by the media’s tendency to turn children into mini consumers.”
– USA Today

“This magazine highlights kids’ accomplishments rather than focusing on the latest fads and toys.”
– US News and World Report
“A welcome alternative to the standard prepubescent magazine fare…readers are encouraged to get involved imaginatively.”
– Utne Reader

Today, Tom and Marilyn continue to publish Fun For Kidz. Like many in the shrinking publishing industry, the company downsized in 2016, and the two companion magazines to Fun For Kidz—Hopscotch and Boys’ Quest—were discontinued.

Older copies of those magazines, however, as well as older versions of Fun For Kidz, can still be ordered online.

Either way, the Edwardses’ ongoing dedication to childhood development and their decades of publishing experience has continued the Fun For Kidz mission of providing the finest educational reading resources for 6- to 12-year-old children.