Information for Writers
We appreciate your interest in our magazine. Each of our issues is based on a theme. Therefore, submitted content should relate to one of the upcoming themes (See table below. FULL indicates we are no longer accepting submissions for that issue). We will continue to change this list as new themes are added and current themes fill up. Please note that these are not the final titles of each upcoming issue; they are the content. We recommend that you review several issues of our magazine to give you a better feel for what kinds of content we look for and use. We are always looking for entertaining, yet informative, nonfiction articles involving kids ages 6 and older. Excellent photo support should accompany your submission, and the photos should be available in high resolution. Remember: Photos are a big selling point with us. And it's NEVER to early to send in a submission.

We are no longer accepting submissions by e-mail. Please mail submissions to:
Fun For Kidz Magazine
ATTN: Submissions
PO Box 227
Bluffton, OH 45817-0227

All submissions need the following to be considered for publication:
  • Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) for acceptance/rejection letter
  • Contact info., including e-mail address, phone number, and mailing address, on each page of the manuscript
  • Notation of which upcoming theme your content should be considered for

If a manuscript is published, the cost of postage required to send a complimentary copy to a contributor outside the US will be deducted from the contributor's payment.


What's Cookin'? - November 2024

Cold Blooded Creatures - January 2025

  Ready, Set, Go! - March 2025

Weird & Wacky - May 2025

Digging Up the Past - July 2025

       Theme topic and/or schedule subject to change.

 PLEASE NOTE: Because we work far in advance, it's NEVER too early to send in your submissions.