Get Kids Excited About Reading!!

When a young student wants a reading recommendation, it depends on the educator or librarian to find the best book or magazine. At Fun For Kidz, we try to make that decision a little easier.

Our bi-monthly kids magazine comes packed with fun activities and exciting stories written specifically for 6- to 12-year-old students to help them evolve into stronger readers at home and school.

Each themed issue comes with a variety of articles—some easier and some more difficult—that can challenge students as they read. Teachers can also get involved through each issue’s interactive activities to increase classroom engagement. No matter the style, each new page brings a new opportunity for further childhood learning.

"I like Fun For Kidz because it is both fun and educational, with no pages wasted on pop culture topics or advertisements. The format and variety in each issue is sure to keep young readers interested. A subscription is a gift that brings excitement every time it appears in the mailbox." – Susan Richardson, B.S.Ed

Improve Test Scores

Our work isn’t just fun for kids, it’s also proven as reading testing material. Our articles are continually requested by state and international educational agencies for use in reading assessment tests. Internationally, Fun For Kidz also works directly with Oxford University Press to provide material that is used in their industry-trusted English proficiency tests. It’s a recognition we appreciate as our work has helped children throughout the United States and the rest of the world.

Themed and Timeless

Fun For Kidz associates each new issue with a broad theme chosen to appeal to elementary students. Ranging from the everyday to the extraordinary, the themes unite each issue, but they also allow the material to function in a role outside of a news-driven publication.

  • Because of the theme structure, educators can stock Fun For Kidz magazine in their school libraries as an educational resource knowing that the material will maintain its relevance long after the publish date.
  • Educational yet interesting themes—such as “Wild Animal Planet,” “Gross, Good, or Tasty?” and “Up Close to Nature”—excite the kids for each upcoming magazine issue.
  • Teachers can draft an annualized lesson plan focused on an individual issue, or they can add an issue as a resource to an existing lesson plan. Contact us at to receive discounts on multiple subscriptions and multiple single copies. To get the whole classroom involved, additional copies, both print and digital, of previously published issues can be found here.
  • Children who read one issue can quickly find similar issues that interest them as your stock of Fun For Kidz grows.
  • The magazine’s dedication to non-dated content means that each issue is categorized by its theme and not by the date of publication.
  • Due to the magazine's timeless themes, homeschooling parents often pass down magazine issues from child to child to get the most out of our activity resources for early childhood education.
Fun for Kidz Magazine

“Fun For Kidz is a terrific magazine for both boys and girls. Each issue is filled with interesting information, fun activities, and challenging puzzles. It’s a great way for kids to learn science and history. I highly recommend it.” – Evelyn B. Christiansen, EdD

Prepare your students for reading comprehension tests

Available in Print and Digital Versions

Choose the best method for your classroom by utilizing the print or digital version. Or even use both! We’ve recognized that educators need as many options as possible when it comes to custom-tuning lessons for their classrooms, and so we’ve expanded our initial print edition with a digital option that allows teachers to deliver the product to the whole classroom through digital devices. 

Keep Them Reading

To prepare the next generation of readers, teachers are going to need some of the best educational resources. Like a new elementary textbook delivered and ready for you every other month, Fun For Kidz magazine helps fulfill that role. And the educational content stays relevant long enough to incorporate our materials into what educators do in the classroom. Every child needs a good attitude and reading know-how. Give them some fun, too, with Fun For Kidz.

“As a retired educator, this was a must subscription at the elementary school where I worked. It was my go-to suggestion for hesitant readers.” – Janet Meagher

“Students who can access the best libraries read more, read longer, and do better in school.” – Educator Endorsement

“My students love Fun For Kidz and I always recommend it for reluctant readers.” – Educator endorsement