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This issue shows you how to have a great gardening adventure and have fun learning about plants! For example, what has weird shapes, come in different colors, and are big or little? Gourds! And when they are dry, you can make awesome crafts with them!

  • Watch seeds grow roots and stems right before your eyes in a cool window garden you put together yourself!
  • Meet Wee Willie Redworm. Find out how he and his family play a super important role in making gardens grow.
  • You'll definitely want to try growing a white leaf! Just follow these easy instructions.
  • Do you like funny illustrations and amazing facts? 10 Blooming Facts About Gardening is for you!
  • What happens during the long months bulbs spend underground? Discover their secrets for yourself. Then draw a daffodil using a dot technique!
  • Turn red cabbage leaves a bright neon pink just by rubbing them with a cut lemon. Wow! There's another cool trick in this article for you too.
  • Fun and awesome science experiments! ALL THIS PLUS MUCH MORE!
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